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say the original campaign to bring it back!


It's so hard to believe that 'Kingdom' - this always excellent Sunday Night Drama, which regularly delivered viewing figures of 5 million to ITV has been unceremoniously dropped by them.  They cite budget cuts as the reason, yet they find endless amounts of cash for their reality trash TV which never seems to run out of money!  They have recently announced that Primeval, a series they had also cancelled has been recommissioned; let's all hope that Kingdom was not sacrificed for that.

An online petition has been set up, to strengthen our campaign; the address is set out below, highlighted in blue, which will be passed to ITV so that they can see the strength of feeling amongst viewers regarding their decision to axe Kingdom, and get them to rethink their decision.   If you would like to support us: The Original Bring Back 'Kingdom' Campaign, then please click on the link and you will be taken to the petition homepage where you can leave your signature, and any message of support you'd like to write.  Please DO NOT sign the Australian petition set up after the original campaign petition was set up as duplicate signatures do not count.  The whole point of this original campaign is to get ITV to take us seriously.  Having multiple petitions with duplicated names on them completely negates what we are trying to achieve; if you sign both then you are making sure that ITV discard our efforts and hard work as duplicate signatures DO NOT COUNT!    



To re-iterate: Please DO NOT sign the second petition set up in Australia


This person is trying to close down the site but it appears it does not allow her to do so at the moment; however, she is trying to close it so that all efforts can be concentrated on our campaign petition. 


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Please also consider contacting ITV by either (or all) of the following methods.



Complaints Department
200 Grays Inn Road
London, WC1X 8HF

And Email at:


UK Residents Call 0844 88 14150

Non UK Residents Call 44 0844 88 14150



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We know a lot of people are saying that they think we haven't got a chance of saving Kingdom but have said they signed the petition 'anyway.'  What we'd say here is that Apathy is our biggest threat, and ultimately the biggest killer of any campaign - even this one!  If you believe it's hopeless and you say that out loud it spreads, it's like a cancer eating away at the heart of the campaign.  We know it's hard to be positive in the face of such overwhelming odds, but it's really not hopeless.  The only way this campaign would be closed down is if you weren't there with us; fail us and the campaign fails; it's as simple as that really.  So you see, you are much more important to this campaign than you think you are.


We have to be positive; there is no other way around this.  If you believe we can make ITV change their minds then we will do so.  Please don't be disheartened, or negative.  ITV do listen believe me.  The more you write, the more you call, and the more you email the more they listen. 


If you sign the petition and think that's you done, think again - PLEASE. 





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IMPORTANT: Please be polite - this is a must!. We don't want to antagonise the powers that be with inflammatory remarks regarding the removal of Kingdom. Please be polite and suggest that they are making a huge mistake by cancelling Kingdom and to recommission it. If enough people feel as strongly as I do, and write or email them they must surely have to take notice of our feelings. Thank you all SO much.

Just a small note to say that if you do call ITV please ignore the snailmail and email addresses given out in the answerphone message. These 'addresses' are for 'viewer services' which are anything but. I fear that anything sent to either of the recorded addresses will just be binned, so please use the addresses set out in the preceeding paragraph



Multiple Petitions

It has been brought to my attention that someone in Australia has started another petition after this one was set up.  This is self defeating; if people sign both petitions ITV will just scrap the whole thing. 

I have written to this author and asked her if she would consider joining this site, as it is the original campaign petition and website, and close hers.  I'll keep you all informed as to what the response is but to reiterate PLEASE DO NOT SIGN MULTIPLE PETITIONS AS THEY WILL ALL BE SENT TO ITV, as we want to make our feelings known to the management as strongly as possible.  What we do not want is for ITV to dismiss our signatures because of these muliple petitions for the same thing with the same names thereon; it just defeats the object.  Thank you.

UPDATE: WEDS 14 Oct 2009

Australian petition author has said she will close her petition and join us.  Unfortunately it is still active.  SO, IF YOU WANT YOUR NAME INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN, DO NOT SIGN HER PETITION.

I've already had to delete duplicates from our petition which is just defeating the object.

UPDATE:  FRI 16 OCT 2009

Austrailian author has emailed to say she is trying to close down her petition and direct people to our campaign but the site she is using does not appear to let her close down!


2nd Petition still running, looks like the author has no idea how to edit her home page to say it's closed.  She is still amassing signatures, and it is to be hoped that they are not sent to ITV as we've already said here it's just defeating the object.  So far we've had to remove 5 people from the campaign petition because they are duplicated on the 2nd one, and we have no way of knowing whether the 2nd petition will be sent to ITV.  The author is marking her signatures pages only with 'Petition Closed' but people just keep signing it because they don't read those pages first.  Seems like a very obstructive petition template to me if the author is not allowed to close it.


2nd petition author emailed to say that it looks like she cannot close or even edit the petition, which is not much use to a petition author.  She says it looks like PetitionOnline.Com are just for creating petitions with NO editing or closing facilities.  Author is still emailing them but receiving no answer.  I've just been to have a look at PetitionOnline.com and you cannot edit your own petition, so if you had abusive and/or hostile signatories on it you're stuck with them!  It's a very unprofessional way to run a petition hosting site imho! 



This site has been set up to ask ITV to reconsider it's decision to axe 'Stephen Fry's 'Kingdom.

It is not intended to infringe upon copyright in any way whatsoever, but to garner people's support for our campaign to Bring Back Kingdom.

Copyright is acknowledged where available and all copyright is of course maintained by the original owners.  However, if you are an owner of any of the copyrighted material used anywhere on the site and feel the material is being used inappropriately, please contact me immediately on the link below and I will take whatever action is necessary to protect your interests.

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As you may already know, the setting for Market Shipborough, the fictional town in Stephen Fry's Kingdom, is the delightful real life town of Swaffham (and surrounding areas) in Norfolk.  It's far too pretty to describe in a few lines so I've included the town's website for you to simply click upon the link and be transported to a magical land of pure, unadulterated beauty. 





This lovely photo of Stephen Fry as Peter Kingdom was taken by nickpix2009 and is housed on the flickr photo site.  You can view the photostream by clicking on the following link, where you'll also see some fabulous shots of 'Kingdom' being filmed.


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